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Control Lighting and More with a Savant Smart Home System


Automated Scenes and One-Tap Solutions Show Your Home in Its Best Light

It’s time for the team at Audiovisionaries to shed light on the topic of lighting control. With this innovative smart home functionality, homeowners can adjust every light in their home individually, room-by-room, or automatically according to a predetermined schedule synchronized with an astronomical clock. One-tap solutions or automated lighting management makes living easier, more convenient, and more luxurious.

Learn how a Savant lighting control system can completely change your property – and your mood – in Guaynabo, Dorado, or San Juan, PR – keep scrolling below!

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One Button to Control Nearly Everything

Your home life is filled with routines. You wake up. Wake up the kids. Get yourself and everyone ready for the day ahead by getting dressed and heading to the kitchen for breakfast. You leave for work or school, then head back home at the end of the day. In the evenings, you watch TV with the family then head to bed to rest to do it all again tomorrow.

We’re sure life is more exciting than that, especially on the weekends, but the activities we mentioned above are the foundation of your week. So why not automate what you can and make life’s little tasks more manageable? With Savant lighting control and smart scenes, you can control nearly all your property’s smart devices using the same intuitive system.

Smart Scenes

Savant lets you take those smart devices responses you use each day and save them as smart scenes. Think of your Favorites list in your internet browser – it’s very similar! In the evenings, the “Goodnight” scene will lower motorized shades to add privacy, dim the lights to a warm, candlelight glow to signal your brain to relax, and arm your security system. With a swipe on your smartphone or on a custom-etched wall keypad that complements your décor, you’ll be able to adjust, schedule, and manage your Puerto Rico home in a breeze.

Circadian Lighting

Savant has partnered with USAI, one of the leading brands in color lighting technologies, to create a high-end lighting control experience. One fixture can feature tunable white light that offers cool and warm tones, so you have the color spectrum on standby.

This exacting control of lighting supports your natural circadian rhythms, falling in line with the energizing or relaxing effects of the sun’s natural rays. With independent control of the lighting within your San Juan, PR home, you’ll have the power of natural sunlight at your fingertips and support your mood and natural biological rhythms throughout the day!

We’re always here to answer your calls for whatever questions you may have about smart lighting and home control! Call us at (787) 728-6969 or contact us using our online form. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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