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Signs Your Home Network Can No Longer Support Your Smart Home

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Networking Solutions That Ensure the Best Smart Home Experience 

A smart home offers unprecedented ease of living. Your shades rise in the morning to wake you as the sun peeks over the horizon. The lights transform around you throughout the day, mimicking the sun’s rays. You arrive from work to a home that’s prepared itself for you in advance, setting the temperature, illuminating the landscape, heating the spa, and lighting the patio. It’s a remarkable world we live in today. 

Your smart home functions seamlessly because of its ability to connect to the internet and wireless to all your connected devices. It’s the backbone of your system. However, when your internet connection falters, and you’ll face the spinning wheel of doom while watching Netflix, it's irritating. When you don’t receive alerts from your security cameras or your door locks fail to respond, it’s unsafe.

The good news is that you can ensure robust networking solutions for your San Juan, Dorado, and Guaynabo, PR homes. Let’s explore the signs that suggest you need an upgrade and how you can create a safe and robust home network.

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Signs Your Home Network Needs an Upgrade

Do you hesitate to work out on the patio with your laptop because of dropped wireless internet connections? Do you need to warn your family members when you’re getting on a video conference session to ensure they’re not playing Minecraft with their friends simultaneously? Perhaps you’ve noticed that web pages are taking longer and longer to load. 

All of these are signs that your home network has the bandwidth to support your smart home system, and you need additional coverage to distribute a strong signal to all parts of the property. 

Getting Your Home Network Right

There can be several reasons that your home network is letting you down. These include physical obstructions, poor router placement, and insufficient bandwidth. If your internet service provider installed your system, it’s likely they didn’t consider the unique requirements of a smart home or that you've added more devices since the system was installed. 

Today’s smart homes require enterprise-grade network solutions that provide the range, reliability, and security your connected home needs. You may need additional wireless access points distributed throughout your property or routers with sophisticated software that allow us to prioritize network traffic. 

We may also recommend a hardwired connection that sends the internet through Ethernet cables to various rooms. It offers faster speeds, increased security, a consistent connection, and can take the burden off the wireless network.

At Audiovisionaries, our certified technicians consider the size of your estate, the number of connected devices, and the people using the system. From there, we calculate the exact network capacity your home needs to create corner-to-corner internet coverage through your home and outdoor spaces

To learn more about best practices for your home network or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Audiovisionaries today. We are happy to hear from you and will always answer your call!

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