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The Unique Features of a Savant Smart Home System

A modern home with floor-to-ceiling windows. An overlayed smartphone with the Savant App displays the color wheel.

Manage Your Lighting, Entertainment, and Climate Effortlessly

One of the main reasons homeowners are turning to home automation is the convenience it provides. Managing your entire home from one operating platform allows you to control your lights, climate, shades, entertainment devices, security, and more with one touch. Even better? It lets your smart home manage your many devices for you. 

A Savant smart home system, however, offers much more. Redefining luxury living, it provides unprecedented high-performance entertainment, effortless climate control, and next-generation lighting solutions. You can also embrace a greener home and reduce your reliance on the grid with Savant Power. 

It's an incredible experience that homeowners in Guaynabo, Dorado, and San Juan, PR, are embracing. Let's discover the world through the eyes of a Savant smart home.

Creating a Functional, Beautiful, and Entertaining Outdoor Living Area

An outdoor Seura TV on a large patio on the ocean with a storm in the distance.

Outdoor Living Spaces Redefined

Today, more people than ever are blending the lines between indoor and outdoor living, creating stunning spaces that extend their homes and activities into the beautiful elements of nature. For many, this extension translates to outdoor kitchens, seating arrangements offering multiple areas to relax and entertain, and patios transforming into dining areas reminiscent of European cafes. Bistro lights and lanterns provide a warm, intimate space as you share Pinchos and piña coladas.

What do you need to truly renovate and remake your outdoor living spaces? Entertainment and breathtaking lighting ensure gatherings last long into the night. Let's explore some of the most popular AV trends and landscape lighting when creating your outdoor oasis in your Guaynabo, Dorado, or San Juan home.




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