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What You Should Consider Before You Invest In An Outdoor Audio System


Superior Audio Quality Inside and Outside

Your home doesn't only include the interior of your house; it also takes into consideration any outdoor space on your property within the boundary walls. If you have an outdoor area in your Guaynabo, PR, home that is ideal for outdoor parties, barbecues, or even acts as your own personal retreat into nature, you might consider installing an outdoor audio system so you can create a musical environment surrounded by lush greenery for the enjoyment of you and your guests. If this idea sounds appealing, we have some basic factors you should consider before you make the purchase. 

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Yard Aesthetics 

Similar to home decor, every yard has a different style to make the most of the surrounding topography while also allowing you to incorporate some beautiful flowers and plants to suit the atmosphere you want to create. If you're thinking about installing outdoor speaker systems, you need to consider how to seamlessly incorporate the technology from a design perspective. Coastal Source outdoor speakers can be installed to suit your yard through speakers that camouflage resembling foliage or rocks. 

Sound Quality

When it comes to outdoor sound quality, it isn't as easy to achieve as it is indoors, considering you're dealing with changing air temperatures and pressure, other outdoor sounds, and no walls that provides excellent acoustics. Outdoor speakers should produce a loud and crisp sound, and James Loudspeaker is a great option to ensure sound quality. Their speakers come with an aluminum cone woofer and a coaxial aluminum dome tweeter for enhanced sound quality.

Weather Protection

The outdoors are exposed to the seasons, which means an outdoor speaker system should be able to stay functional come rain, snow, or sunshine. For weather protection, Sonance has speakers that are designed to withstand temperatures ranging between -20 to 109° F while also using corrosion-proof composite materials and a triple-sealed enclosure to keep the speaker system and woofers protected from any extreme weather conditions. 

At Audiovisionaries, we provide speaker system installation services from a range of service providers by evaluating your needs and aesthetic preferences for a superior audio experience in your Guaynabo, PR home. Feel free to reach out and contact us at (787) 728-6969 if you have any questions or concerns. We look forward to connecting with you!

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