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The Latest Hidden Technology Offers Invisible High-Performance Audio and Video

Oceanview room with a sectional, two chairs, and a large flat-screen TV.

Enjoy High-Fidelity Sound and Crystal-Clear Images While Maintaining Your Home’s Aesthetics 

The latest high-performance audio-video technology creates immersive sound fields and images that seem to come to life on the screen. While this experience was once limited to recording studios and the finest cinemas, today’s smart homes have redefined what’s possible.

However, many homeowners in San Juan, Dorado, and Guaynabo, PR, are concerned about the intrusion of so much equipment into their homes. They want to hear their favorite music drifting through their home and out into their yard from high-fidelity speakers. They want to see the brilliant, crystal-clear, vibrant images on today’s OLED TVs. But is it worth speakers and displays in every room and the equipment that goes along with them? 

Fortunately, you can have the best audio and video solutions throughout your home without interfering with your aesthetics and design, thanks to today’s hidden technology

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Distributed Audio-Video 

Distributed or whole-home audio-video offers simple access to your favorite movies, shows, and music from any source, regardless of whether the content is satellite or cable, streamed from the internet, or stored on a server. You can pause a movie in the family room and then return to it at the same spot from your patio’s outdoor entertainment area. Or gather with friends and family while enjoying your favorite streaming playlist or vinyl record as it plays seamlessly in every room and out into the yard. 

The equipment for this awe-inspiring experience is tucked away in a cabinet or closet and then distributed to every room and outdoor space. Our technicians can distribute pristine high-definition video and high-fidelity audio throughout your home through in-wall wiring or wireless solutions. 

Architectural Speakers 

High-fidelity brands have answered the call from consumers wanting to experience the best in sound without floorstanding or bookshelf loudspeakers. Today, you’ll find world-renowned brands such as Bowers & Wilkens and GoldenEar producing architectural speakers that blend seamlessly with a home's décor.

In-wall and in-ceiling speakers and subwoofers are barely visible yet offer the immersive sound field that surrounds you. Some speakers are installed directly into the wall and covered (for complete invisibility), while other speaker grilles are painted or wallpapered to match their surroundings. To bring this enveloping sound to your backyard, we’ll install high-fidelity satellite landscape speakers and in-ground subwoofers.

Hidden TVs 

Hidden TV technology continues to expand as well. We use motorized lifts to hide TVs in ceilings, floors, and furniture. You’ll also find the latest 4K and 8K HDR TVs behind beautiful works of art and stunning mirrors. Many leading manufacturers have discovered ways to transform 4K OLED and HDR TVs into framed mirrors and fine art, revealing themselves only when you’re ready to tune into your favorite series. 

Controlled by Savant 

Savant, the leader in luxury home automation, makes controlling your distributed audio-video system effortless. One tap on a user-friendly platform lets you choose the source and room while also managing your lighting, climate, security, and more. 

At Audiovisionaries, we specialize in premier audio-video and home automation solutions. To learn more about hidden technology or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Audiovisionaries today. We’re happy to speak with you and will always answer your call! 

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