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Make Your Dream House A Reality With A Home Automation Installer

Ultra-modern and minimalist sunlit living room overlooked by open stairs with shades of white and gray throughout.

Learn How Working With A Premier Smart Technology Provider Creates An Environment Based On You

A smart home offers you the luxury and convenience of an environment personalized to how you live, work, and play. Whether it is the thrills and chills of watching movies in a home theater or having the perfect temperature throughout your home, you need a qualified and experienced home automation installer from the start. 

Instead of attempting to cobble together a system from less than reliable off-the-shelf devices, you deserve an integrated whole-home platform. Our team at Audiovisionaries provides you with a comprehensive platform built around you. 

Are you curious about the potential for your home in Guaynabo, San Juan, or Dorado, Puerto Rio? Then continue reading below to discover more. 

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The music and movies we hold close are essential elements in our lives. The content invigorates the senses, inspires contemplation, or soothes the soul when you need it most. You deserve components that deliver the highest quality, exceed expectations, and meet every moment. 

A whole-home distribution system gives you the unparalleled experience of watching movies in 4K ultra-high definition with an immersive multi-dimensional sound field in any room. Seamlessly access content from around the world with the swipe of a finger to set the mood in any or all rooms. 

Island living means we have the enviable privilege of engaging and enjoying nature all year. With outdoor entertainment solutions, gather friends and family to watch your favorite sports teams, or add just the right playlist to lift your backyard barbecue under the stars.


The light in your home influences your focus, emotional state, and overall health. Standard lighting installations often focus on the simple, practical aspects of guiding your way in the dark. 

However, home lighting can do so much more. For instance, a more human-centric application that uses motorized shades brings natural-lighting balance into the home. The sun activates the production of vitamin C and dopamine in the brain, giving you a more positive outlook and a more energetic immune response. In addition, sunlight is the best for human eyes; we see more accurately and retain more of the information we read under it. 

The cycle of sunrise and sunset also affects our circadian rhythms, which influences how well we sleep and our alertness throughout the day. A tunable and human-centric lighting control system with an external sensor, geo-location awareness, and time-of-day scheduling delivers just the right brightness, color, and intensity to give you vigor and focus when you need it most. As the day winds down, the system transitions the lighting into color spectrums that trigger a readiness for rest. 


Not all smart home installers offer the same quality of service. We stand by every project with our expert team and dedication to creating perfection for your living spaces. Are you ready to make the most of your home? To start the conversation, contact us at 787-728-6969 or fill out our contact form. We look forward to working with you!

Creating an Outdoor Oasis with Today's Technology
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