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Let the Music Surround You in the Great Outdoors

A Coastal Source Line Source Bollard speaker amidst plants.

An Outdoor Speaker System Delivers Crystal-Clear Music and Soundtracks to Outdoor Spaces

At Audiovisionaries, we are passionate about bringing the latest audio and video enhancements to our clients throughout San Juan, Dorado, and Guaynabo, PR. As audio experts, we know the power of music to transform a home and outdoor area and the people that live there. Music lifts our spirits, enhances our activities, and enlivens our celebrations and get-togethers with family and friends. 

With one of our best seasons just around the corner, it may be time to consider your outdoor spaces. Are they everything you envision? If you haven’t yet embraced the latest outdoor speaker systems, you may be missing out on an incredible experience. These systems offer high-fidelity sound throughout your property and deliver immersive surround sound for those upgrading their entertainment areas with today’s outdoor TVs or 4K projectors and screens. 

Let’s look at the makings of an outdoor audio system that brings breathtaking music and soundtracks to every corner of your property.

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The Experience

No matter the size of your outdoor living space, our team has the experience that enables us to create a blanket of high-fidelity sound. From hidden-away secluded lounging areas to the pool and patio, your favorite music awaits you. 

Because separate zones enable family members to listen to different audio simultaneously, one person may listen to their audiobook while nestled in a hammock, while a group of friends enjoys a rousing playlist on the deck. Underwater speakers can bring your music to the pool, offering even more fun to a water volleyball game or motivation for your morning laps.   

Designed for Durability

At Audiovisionaries, we partner with numerous outdoor audio brands to deliver the best solutions to our clients. For example, Coastal Source manufactures high-fidelity outdoor audio solutions, including bullet speakers and 2- and 3-way Ellipse Bollard speakers. Their outdoor audio and lighting solutions are designed to withstand the harshest environment, including our intense heat, rain, wind, and salt water-infused air.

Unseen High-Performance Sound

Another of our partners, Sonance, defined architectural speakers, creating the first audio solutions that blend seamlessly with a home's décor. Their outdoor satellite landscape speakers hide throughout gardens and foliage, delivering an even coverage of crystal-clear sound that immerses you in your favorite songs. For those with an outdoor entertainment area or one of the latest 4K UHD outdoor TVs, this system supplies the surround sound that brings outdoor movies and sporting events to life.

We’ll strategically install your speakers, directing the sound to different listening areas, while keeping the audio in your yard and away from your neighbor’s. The result is detailed, audiophile-quality music with concert-level power. 

Custom Control

By integrating your system with a home automation platform, you experience effortless control. Choose your audio source, from numerous audio streaming services to vinyl and your digital music collection, and then select the zone or your entire outdoor area. 

Are you ready to experience the best in outdoor audio? To learn more about the many options for outdoor speakers or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Audiovisionaries today. We’re happy to speak with you and will always answer your call!

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