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Enjoy 4K UHD Video Throughout Your Home and Outdoor Areas

A home’s outdoor area on the ocean with a limitless pool and a sitting room with a flat-screen TV and in-ceiling speakers.

Savant’s IP Video Distribution System Offers the Best in Home Entertainment

At Audiovisionaries, we partner with Savant, the luxury home automation platform, to provide our clients with the finest solutions in smart home technology. This system offers unprecedented ease of living and one-touch control of your home’s lighting, climate, security, entertainment, and more. 

However, a Savant home offers much more than effortless living. The brand remains on the cutting edge of technology, continuing to advance the lines of what’s possible in home automation. Their video distribution system is one such technology. Let’s explore what it offers homes in San Juan, Guaynabo, and Dorado, PR. 

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Video Distribution

Many custom homes have audio-video equipment spread throughout their rooms. In addition to 4K HDR TVs, there are A/V receivers, speakers, soundbars, and secondary stereo systems. Each TV comes with different devices, such as a Blu-ray player, Kaleidescape movie server, or cable box.

Fortunately, there is a better way. Our certified technicians bring all the disparate technologies together and neatly house them in a custom AV rack in a closet. Then, video is distributed to the numerous TVs, enabling family members to enjoy any content on any TV. When combined with whole-home audio, audio is distributed from every source to in-wall, in-ceiling, and satellite speakers, offering pristine audio and video throughout your home and outdoor areas.

Savant IP Video

Savant brings 4K UHD video from any source to any room in stunning detail and lossless video quality. Audio and video are run through a Cat 6 Ethernet cable, enabling you to experience the richness of 4K streaming content. This allows the system to scale from several rooms to over 100. 

Now, your audio-video entertainment is controlled with the same platform that manages the rest of your home. Pull up a TIDAL playlist, your current streaming Netflix show, or the latest blockbuster in one room or the entire house with one tap on a touchscreen. And because your AV system uses cable, you won’t experience lags or dropped signals as you might with Wi-Fi. 

Savant Video Tiling

Savant’s video tiling lets you watch up to nine video sources on a single screen. Tune into multiple sporting events, watch several news channels, or monitor your home and security cameras. If you find a tiling format that you use regularly, such as separate quadrants for breaking news, updated market trends, your favorite Netflix series, and video surveillance feed, you can save and name this preset and call it up at any time.

Combined with Home Automation

You can also set scenes that control multiple systems at once. If you have friends over for the big game, tap the “Game Day” icon on your touchscreen to lower the motorized shades, pull up your video tiling layout for sporting events, and illuminate your lights in your favorite team’s colors.

At Audiovisionaries, our goal is to create effortless living that embraces the latest easy-to-use technology while providing the ultimate entertainment. To learn more about video distribution or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Audiovisionaries today. We’re always happy to hear from you and always answer our phones!

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