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5 FAQs About Outdoor Entertainment AV

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How Outdoor Audio & Video Really Work 

We’re so lucky to live in beautiful Puerto Rico. So isn’t it a shame to spend most of our days cooped up inside? 

With outdoor TVs and audio, you don’t have to choose between watching another episode or getting some fresh air. When you own durable, high-quality outdoor AV, you can take entertainment outside any time of year. 

But is outdoor entertainment really safe in your San Juan, Guaynabo, or Dorado backyard? Do you need to do anything special to take care of it? Find out in our FAQs below! 

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Is An Outdoor TV Necessary? Can I Just Cover a Regular TV? 


Some people wonder if they can skip the specialty outdoor TV and find a weatherproof cover for their indoor TV outside. 

But no, you should not do this! Unless you want the TV to malfunction, a standard television should never be installed outdoors, even under a patio roof. 

Indoor TVs aren’t built to handle moisture and extreme temperatures, so it’s still vulnerable even if there’s a roof or cabinet around the display. Indoor screens are also not bright enough for outdoor viewing (imagine looking at your phone at the beach.) You’ll be straining to see or will experience glare, anyway.  

What Is a Good Outdoor TV? 


At Audiovisionaries, we trust the brand Séura for our outdoor TV installations. Séura TVs are built to perform through all weather and temperatures. The 4K screen is up to four times brighter than indoor TVs, so you can see clearly even on a sunny day. Séura offers Shade and Sun versions of its outdoor TVs, so you can get the optimal results for your viewing location. Séura’s displays are also protected against UV light so you won’t experience fading or blackouts. 

Do I Need to Cover My Outdoor TV? 


As long as you’re using an official outdoor TV, you won’t need a protective cover. Our partner Séura’s outdoor TVs are IP55-rated waterproof and have industrial-grade sealing with rust-proof enclosures. A cover won’t hurt, but a high-quality outdoor TV will be safe outside either way. Dusting and cleaning your outdoor entertainment every season will ensure it performs to standard. 

Is Outdoor Audio Weatherproof Too? 


Outdoor speakers can amplify your outdoor TV’s audio or connect to your music streaming and libraries. Outdoor speakers by brands like Sonance, Coastal Source, and James Loudspeaker (some of our favorites) are fully enclosed against water and weather conditions. Outdoor speakers are available in many sizes and shapes to blend in with your patio, garden, or backyard. 

Can I Hire Someone to Install Outdoor AV?


Yes! If you’re in the San Juan and Guaynabo, PR area, Audiovisionaries designs and installs outdoor entertainment systems complete with video, audio, and landscape lighting. Installing outdoor AV properly requires planning, time, and experience for high-performing and aesthetically pleasing results. We’ll obtain the hardware and install the wiring and tech for you, so all you need to do is press “Play” and enjoy. 


Ready for outdoor audio and video? Contact Audiovisionaries here or give us a call at (787) 728-6969—we always answer the phone!

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